Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slash-a-Stash: California Quilt #4

Oh, how I had fun with this quilt!

This quilt was started in a class at a quilt shop that is now, woefully, gone. I had one particular fabric that I bought in a great shop in Willimantic, CT, and had been dying to use it - a purple with electric green dots. This pattern fit the bill.
This bright, happy quilt was part of my living room inventory when Kim saw it. She loved it right away and asked if she could have it (the nerve!)... Of course I said "not a chance," but it wound up as a Christmas gift for her the following Christmas. One of her commenters on House of Prince wanted to know more about it after seeing a picture of it draped on the rocking chair in Kyle's room. Here's your answer!

This is a technique where you sew fabric around a central square, then cut that up and reassemle, using parts from different squares. It can be a nightmare trying not to repeat a sequence, but it's fun too! Then when you lay it out to sew all the blocks together, you have to be careful to hopefully not butt the same fabrics together! Aaagghh! But just look at the results!

I didn't have enought of the purple plaid for the back, so made do with leftovers from the front.


mamalife said...

LOVE it!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Love the colors and the pattern - amazing!

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