Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another California Quilt

The last year has brought a lot of heartache to my family, but every once in a while I come across something that helps me recall good memories. This small quilt is one of them.

Back in 1994 my older daughter visited San Diego for a wedding of a college friend. She returned to Connecticut with fire in her eyes and pronounced that she was going to move to California, and she gave herself a 2-year goal to get there. She did it in one year - 1995 Thanksgiving holiday found the two of us on a 4-day cross-country trek that took us to Ohio, Kansas, Texas, the Grand Canyon (no way I was going to miss that!) and into California with some special music Kim had picked out special for the occasion.

Kim moved in with her college roommate, Lisa. I stayed with Lisa's parents, Cindy and Ray. This was a wall quilt I had made in a workshop early in my quilting career and I sent it as a thank you gift, because the colors of this quilt EXACTLY matched my hosts' decor. It just belonged.

Kim and Lisa were like sisters, and last year we lost Lisa unexpectedly. Recently, during my annual Thanksgiving visit to Kim and  her family, we had lunch with Cindy. I asked her to send me a couple of pictures of this quilt so I could document it here for posterity. I don't know if it still lives on a wall in her home, but Cindy did a great job, and included Sadie, Lisa's dog, for good measure.

I will never forget that momentous trip, and Sadie here will always remind me how welcoming Lisa's family was, and continue to be, and how much Lisa loved this dog.

Sadie with quilt