Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Jumble of Quilts

I am so behind in documenting my finished quilts that I present some here in no particular order. And because it's been so long, I've forgotten some formatting. I'm sure there will be a lot of white space.

Here is a pretty preview of some quilts that appear further down the page.

I'll start with this Christmas table runner I made for my friend Joann. This is particularly notable because at the time I bought all the floral fabric on the bolt, she had already looked at it and put it down. Mistake! I scooped it up and marched to the cutting table!  I had not heard the end of it till I made this for her.

I made this navy and white quilt MANY years ago, early in my quilting career. It's the first of two of this pattern. It needed much "aging" before I got around to getting it quilted recently. My friend Peg has the other one, profiled much earlier in this blog.

Ah, this was a mystery quilt! During the big quilt room clean up a couple of summers ago (talked about in an earlier post), my daughter exclaimed, "This would be perfect for Aunt Kathy!" And so off to the quilter it went and was ready in time for Christmas 2013.

I left my quilting comfort zone to make this apron for my daughter Laura. She loves aprons and this fabric. Hmm, I also made a quilt for her college graduation. That picture must be on a different computer.

This is Lydia's 3rd birthday quilt. I found this kit in the Cotton and Chocolate quilt store in Thousand Oaks, California last May. How could I possibly resist cupcakes? Of course, the store was out of the perfect backing fabric, but I managed to find a better perfect fabric here in Connecticut!

Gramma with Princess Sophia

This is another cupcake kit I found in California. Yeah, yeah, I know...kits! Here's the thing. In order for me to make the most of my time in that shop, it's just quicker to pick up something already assembled, and the patterns are terrific and the fabrics, well, I love them! I've found that the shops in California have a really excellent stock of ...happy fabrics.

The pattern was easy to put together. Again, I found the perfect backing here in CT! This is MY cupcake quilt - for the kids when they sleep over.

I found this pattern...where else...California, in Northridge, at a Candy's Quiltworks. The good thing - Kim used to live in walking distance of this store. The bad thing - Kim used to live in walking distance of this store.

The shop had a sample of this quilt made up with red, one of the reasons it caught my eye. Black, white and red is pretty common, so I changed it up with electric lime green.The black and white strips came in a jelly roll. I can see why precuts are so popular!
 This is MY quilt! Kim's eyes popped when she saw it for the first time during her annual summer visit. No Kim, you cannot have this one!

I found the border fabric at Sew Inspired in Simsbury, CT and the backing fabric at Yankee Cloth in Wallingford, CT.

Here is another mystery quilt made many, many years ago. This quilt was aging very nicely when Kim discovered it in the closet two years ago. She was aghast that I had these beautiful tops just piled up in my closet. Well, I don't blame her. So this one went off to the quilter too.

oooh. Fuzzy picture. 

I love the backing fabric I chose for this quilt. 

One of the not so great things with this lovely item is that after living with this quilt for a few weeks, the black fabric started pulling away around the quilting. You can see a white spot on the full picture. I think maybe I used some not-so-expensive fabric and now I'm really paying the price. I don't know what to do about this situation, but in the meantime, I'll just use the back  as the top.

Not too long ago, I pulled out this unfinished project from a class I took several years ago. I don't recall why I shelved it, but I do remember shopping for the beautiful the Asian fabrics in the Bento Box pattern.
This lovely was not destined for anyone yet, so when the call (actually a Facebook request) came, I offered it up for auction. No tears. Just happy that someone will love it.

I'm not done yet. I'm never done. Quilters are never done.