Saturday, March 28, 2009

One More California Quilt

This is the last California quilt to post, I hope. I made this one entirely in California with my Brother sewing machine I purchased out there to keep out there whenever the urge to sew came over me. This is yet another of Kyle's quilts that I made when he was really little. He uses it for his "baby" he puts in the little shopping cart out in the yard. This is the cover quilt on one of Mary Hickey's books.

On another note, during my last visit out there at Thanksgiving, I learned that the local quilt shop, Candy's Quilt Works, was moving CLOSER to my daughter's house - within WALKING distance!!!! I don't have any trips planned for the near future, but when I'm there and everyone is at work, you'll know where you can find me if I'm not at the house....