Saturday, March 1, 2008

Double X

Here is another heartwarming quilt. This is a Fons & Porter pattern for Double X. It was the perfect pattern for a group of fabrics I ordered on line called Kansas Troubles (I think). I remember my husband really liking the fabrics, so I sort of made this quilt for him (our bed). Do you have any idea how many pinks I bought before I happened on the right one? I wish I had a granddaughter whom I could lavish all this pink fabric on - she would never want for quilts for the rest of her life! This took me about a year to make and I used Thangles for the many, many triangle squares. Thank you lady who invented Thangles! You must be rolling in dough! And hubby's reaction? "I don't remember those fabrics..." More detail below. I especially love the black floral fabric, but only had enough for 4 side triangles.

Observation: So now I've spent a good hour either reading my daughter's blog (thanks for the plug honey), reading her favorite blogs, and posting to my own blog. And I have been known to sit here for chunks of time enjoying other people's lives and thoughts through blogs. I hesitated in starting my own blog because I knew how much time in front of the computer I would spend, when I should be sitting at my sewing machine spewing out the gazillions of quilts I want to make or design. My life after retirement includes totally immersing myself in the quilting world, perhaps even to work in a quilt shop. I once had a dream of owning my own place, but realized that was WAY TOO MUCH WORK and not enough fun. I have six years to go but hoping in the meantime that my husband's new business venture will make us fabulously rich and I can just quit work.


mamalife said...

I have a 4-year old daughter who is totally a girly-girl and LOVES pink & purple... you could "adopt" her as a grand-daughter and lavish her with all those pink quilts ;)

Katie said...

I like it! I like the old traditional patterns, myself. But I like to try new ones and design my own, too. I never have enough time to work on projects so I have a book my brother made for me that I fill with all my ideas. We'll see how many of them ever get made. The quilt I made for Luke was one I designed myself. My mom and I handquilted it - she did most of it at Thanksgiving when she was here and I finished it last week. If you want closer up pictures, I can send you some in an email.