Saturday, October 25, 2008

Northern California Quilts

These quilts belong to my sister, Jeannie, who lives in the vicinity of Sacramento. Each one was given to her while she was living in a different state. She was good enough to take pictures with her digital camera and send them along for me.

Apple Baskets, machine pieced and appliqued. I made this during a class and worked furiously to finish my homework before each session. I remember my husband and kids leaving me alone one suppertime to finish some applique before leaving for class. I loved this pattern so much I made a second one for myself. Both are hand quilted. Jeannie got this one while living in Ohio (for the second time-she moved around a lot).

Jeannie's 40th Birthday Story Quilt. This was a total surprise for her. She turned 40 while living in Tennessee. After only two weeks on a new job I had to take "time off" to fly down there without her knowing I was coming. As most quilters find themselves approaching the actual "handing over" of the gift, I was stitching away furiously to finish the binding before she got home from work. The blocks in this quilt tell a visual life history. There's the Ohio Star in the center (that was for the 1st time she lived in Ohio; the 2nd time was right after Tennesse); a Smoky Mountain block for the area she lived in; a Road to California (for the 1st time she lived there); a Sisters block; a Connecticut block; and I can't remember the others. I had a lot of fun making this quilt and the look on her face when she "discovered" me and her quilt was memorable - and loud!

Ah, the Blue and Yellow Quilt. Believe it or not, I made this FOR MYSELF in a mystery class! I strongly believe in using fabric that you love in a mystery quilt because if you are not happy with your fabric choices, you won't like the finished product. [That did happen to me and I wound up giving it away to a friend for Christmas who loved the pink/green theme.] So on my birthday one year, I fell in love with the blue and yellow floral during the B&Y craze. I loved this quilt. Then one summer Jeannie came to visit and the only place for her to sleep, other than the couch, was a cot I set up in my quilt studio with this quilt. Well, she just LOVED this quilt and could she please have it - the NERVE! I don't readily recall which state she lived in at that time, but eventually she wound up with a blue and yellow kitchen and living room in California. And now you know "the rest of the story..." As with most of her homes, she redecorates! So now her kitchen has the newest color scheme - taupe, black and white. Her living room is soon to be similar with some burgundy thrown in. [You think she'd send me pictures? Hah!] Oh, and the Apple Baskets were out of style homes ago!

Thanks Jeannie for the blog fodder! I love you! Please send pics of the new kitchen and living room!


mamalife said...

Very nice - glad you are posting more frequently these days - I love seeing your work - I am awed by how many quilts you have made! My on-line store is open... come check it out...

Idaho Quilter said...

I found your blog by doing a Blue & Yellow quilt search, yours is delightful. My group is getting ready to do a mystery quilt, you offer good advice, I'm going to do blue &yellow for sure now.

Barb said...

My pleasure idaho quilter! Thanks for stopping by.