Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Road to California is VERY Long! (or "I can't believe I made so many quilts!")

This is a very long post, so get your coffee, tea, vodka and soda, gin and tonic, or whatever your favorite browsing beverage is....

California Grandsons

Kyle - 3 1/2

Brady - 1 1/2

The Shooting Location (for the quilts)
The Backyard Wall
Long shot from one side of the yard.
Note quilt on the left side of photo.

Long shot from the other side of the yard.

I tried to upload the pictures in chronological order in which they were made, but that didn't work, so we've got pretty much reverse chron order.

These are Kyle's pillowcases. He'll need new ones for his big-boy pillow now.

I found this Tall Ships panel at a quilt show in Massachusetts. Perfect for Brady's room which is red and taupe (Kim refused to repaint). Once I started machine-quilting, I couldn't stop. If you click on the pictures, you may be able to see the details.
Tall Ships wall hanging for Brady's room. It hangs over his crib.

Left Lighthouse

Middle Tall Ships

Right Lighthouse

Left Lighthouse back

Middle Tall Ships back

Right Lighthouse back

Quilt Vignette

Brady's Room before he moved in.

Brady's baby quilt-Sunny Days

Kyle's Space Quilt
I took Kyle to the local quilt shop (what a great shop!) and he loved the planets and the multi-colored stripe. The owner let us in even though she was not yet open for business.

Captain Kyle
Pattern from Mary Hickey's book Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts

Kyle's Baby Quilt
Pattern from one of the PS I Love You books

The focus fabric is from the Bryce & Madeline line from Free Spirit. All the grandkids have a quilt made with this fabric (and very special friends). I have just enough for whenever my son Kevin has his first child. Not soon.
Kim's Pregnant Quilt
A flannel quilt for California

Christmas Scrap Quilt


Table Topper - hand-quilted

Cows and Moons

Back of Moons

I forgot to take a picture of the one quilt I actually had time to make in California so that will come a bit later. Perhaps Kim will put it up herself.