Saturday, February 9, 2008

Second First Post

So what got me started with this blog thing? As I mentioned previously, my daughter is the culprit. I've invited her to post because she is a wicked good writer and very witty. She has her own blog at House of Prince.

She and her two lovely boys, Kyle-2 yrs 9 mo, and Brady-9 mo, have just spent two weeks with us. When they come to visit, my quilt studio becomes Baby Central. I convert my cutting/working table into a changing center stocked with diapers, wipes, small toys for distraction, plastic grocery bags for poopy diapers, powder and lotion. Oh, and lots of colorful fabric scraps and strips. The youngest grandchild sleeps in here as well. Which means that no sewing occurs at all for the duration of the visit. That's OK because I love my grandchildren and I'll do anything to get them to come from "Earf, California" as Kyle puts it. Usually we just whisk the kids in and out of this room, but now that Kyle is a bit older, he's curious about Gramma's sewing machine and other lovely no-touch equipment. Sigh. Next time (summer) I'll really have to batten down the hatch to keep him and Brady safe.

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