Thursday, June 2, 2011

Really??!! It's been THAT Long????

Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 months between posts! That tells you how busy I've been! In addition to today's feature quilt, I've been working on my sister-in-law's birthday quilt from last August, and I've started a new Civil War block-of-the-month, Civil War Chronicles. It's a huge quilt with a LOT of sewing.

My nephew Nick and fiancee Jamie were married on May 20 in Stockton, California (another California quilt!!!). I was not sure what I would make them because I did not know what they shared together or how they spent their time when not working. Well, that question was answered as soon as I walked in to their home last May! It's contemporary in shades of brick red, brown and black. Bingo! I've had a kit in those exact colors sitting in a project basket for a "few" years and I was so excited to finally make it!

Living and Dining Room

Master Bedroom

The happy couple stopped by Mom's (my sister's) house before beginning their honeymoon trip, so it was the perfect opportunity to present The Wedding Quilt. They were exhausted from partying all night but were very happy to receive something for their home. The quilting was done in a tan thread in a vine and leaf design, but it's very subtle.

The Unveiling

Full View

The Back

The Newly Weds - and Tank


Anonymous said...

Barb: What a beautiful quilt! The colors are gorgeous and the fabrics look just beautiful. You are SO TALENTED!

Miss seeing you. Maybe we can do a lunch sometime!

Barb said...

Yes! I would love that! Lucy will be in town I think over the July 4 weekend - she has a wedding. Perhaps we can do something then?