Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quilt Tease

Laura's and Jeff's marriage quilt-a quick peek!

Today I delivered this long-awaited wedding quilt to the quilter. It measures approximately 102" square. More photos when it's bound, sometime around Thanksgiving.


Beach Boy
Mom and Dominick
Myrtle Beach house, September 2009

Below is Dominick's Happy Quilt. It's only been in the pipeline for a year. The pinwheels are 3-dimensional as are the prairie points. Except for the backing, which Dominick and Mom helped pick, I had everything in my stash.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Interrupt This Program... bring you Nature!!!

I realize that the purpose of my little blog is to document all of the quilts I've made over the years and I've pretty much stayed to the quilting theme, but now and then my local nature is just so beautiful I have to share it. Although we are just beginnig autumn, I'm catching up here with summer.

Here is the town green again, in full summer. It really is a pretty, peaceful oasis. This is the last in the seasonal series of the green.

~ ~ ~ ~

Summertime can be really beautiful and relaxing in my town. Over the years, my buddies and I have met at The Grove down at the beach on Sundays.
We relax and work on various qulting projects, usually sewing binding, but every now and then doing some hand piecing. Browsing through quilt magazines keeps us motivated and thinking about projects we can do together. Dunkin' Donuts is nearby so we usually take a "coffee and..." break. Most times I'll bring the Sunday NY Times special sections to read but it seems I can never get to them. We plant ourselves on the one picnic table that always has shade (you can see it in the picture above) and occasionally folks will stop by to see what we are doing. However, this past summer has been so wet and chilly that we have not brought quilting with us - so we just walk, walk walk, and then go have a late breakfast. Recently I caught two gorgeous days in The Grove and was at the beach by 8:30 a.m. Each time a friend found me and my goal of actually finishing the NY Times was not achieved!
Here are some pictures of my slice of summer heaven:
My chair and
what I see from my chair:

The Boardwalk (it's concrete) and the beach beyond:

The Sailor

In the meantime, I've continued to work on finishing up Dominick's first birthday quilt (from 3 months ago) and his "happy quilt" (to go with his smile) made with bright primary colors.

I really didn't accomplish much this summer due to travel to California and my California family coming here. Because the boys, now 4 and 2, needed a place to sleep, I had to break down my quilt studio for the month of August. I did take Kyle on a fabric hunting trip to our local quilt shop. He made me write down the names of all the fabrics he liked. The funniest was "space ormalized fabric," really a Kona Christmas fabric with stars and moons, hence the space moniker. I was able to convince him he could use new pillow cases instead of blankets. (Yessss!)

Kyle at my "office"
Bob and I recently returned from a wonderful week in Myrtle Beach where - guess what? - I found two terrific quilt shops!!! Of course I came home with more fabric and new projects!
Now back to regular quilting programming...