Saturday, July 4, 2009

Winter and Spring 2009 Remembered

Here it is Summer, finally! June has been a terrible month this year. I think we've had a total of 4 days of full sun. Perhaps Southern California has exported its "June Gloom" to Connecticut.

This is my spring view of our town green:
And my only yellow iris:

I can't say that I have accomplished a whole lot of quilting, although I spend almost every evening in my quilt studio. I have been working on a block-of-the-month project, The Queen and Her Court, through a CT quilt shop. I've completed the first 6 blocks plus the center medallion. Um, oh yes, I did finish the top for a flannel lap quilt for myself which I started maybe 2 years ago. And I did finish the top for Dominick's first birthday quilt, "Would You Like to Swing on a Star?" panel that Laura gushed about when she was with me at the quilt shop not long after Dominick was born. She insisted I didn't have to make it, but I kept it in the back of my mind. The opportunity presented itself and walah, a birthday quilt (which needs to be backed and quilted). I am currently working on Dominick's "Happy Quilt" for which Laura and Dominick helped pick the backing recently. It's full of primary colors. Pictures of all to follow soon.

The following was a draft post I neglected to upload back in May...

It's been a long winter here in Connecticut with snow that would not melt for weeks. Just as we could once again see our brown lawn, BAM! an end-of-winter storm dumped more than 6 inches of the fluffy stuff on us in March. I was hoping to get a better picture with snow actually on the trees, but I waited too long.

This is my winter view of our town green:
Note the still-packed snow on the street - I like driving around while the snow is still pristine, before it gets sloppy and everything looks dirty.

And this is how COLD it was...
This is actual FROST on the west window of my quilt studio. I removed the bottom curtain so you could get the full effect.

While we endured long-lasting snow, I WAS busy in my quilt studio working on Laura's and Jeff's wedding quilt. You'll have to wait to see pictures till it gets quilted, sometime this fall.

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