Thursday, October 16, 2008

California Quilt #3

This little guy has nothing whatsoever to do with anything California - I just wanted to put him up here for your enjoyment. My hand was not steady and as a result Dominick has "stars" in his eyes - very artsy. He is 4 months.

Now back to my documentation project:

I don't think I have a name for this colorful quilt. It gives me a feeling of something Arabian, or perhaps Italian tile? This is one of many of my quilts that currently live in California.
Once I began putting quilts on the back yard wall, I decided to get creative. I've got a bowl of fruit and a vase of flowers on the wall holding the quilt top. The bougainvillea adds a special splash of color.

I had purchased the border/background fabric on a whim (what other kind of purchase is there?) because I loved the Eastern flavor of the design. Then it waited patiently for the right pattern to reveal itself. Inspiration came when I received one of my copies of my favorite quilt magazine and I was off and running. The bright clear colors, drawn from my focus fabric, were just the ticket.I love this quilt, and I know my California family loves it too!

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