Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No this is NOT a yoga position.

My feed dogs are down!

Just when I had my quilt room back and started to sew my daughter's wedding quilt, wouldn't you know, my Bernina will not perform! This is the first time in 11 years that I've owned this machine that something is actually wrong that I cannot fix myself. It seems my feed dogs are not feeding fabric like they used to, won't sew the triangles, stops dead at a pin. I do a fair amount of free-style machine quilting, nothing fancy mind you, but something must not have clicked back into place fully the last time I used it at Christmas.

Guess it's time to pull out the old Featherweight.


Anonymous said...

Wow. you started your own huh? Will there be quilt pictures and lessons?

Barb said...

Hi there anonymous! Yes there will be pictures. I just got the cable that fits the digital camera I got for xmas from my kids. And there will be comments on various aspects of quilting-there are plenty of lessons one can take on line.