Friday, February 29, 2008

Here we go!

The whole purpose of this blog, urged on by my daughter, is to document all the the quilts I've made over the past 18 years or so. That is a lot of quilts, so let's begin! I will post them in no particular order. If you click on the pictures, you can see the details much better!

This wall quilt is one of my favorites. I saw the model in Calico Etc., Cheshire CT, the most wonderful quilt store I've ever been in, which is now gone. This baby spoke to my heart and I just had to make it, using Civil War reproduction fabrics. I was home with a nasty cold one day and didn't want to just sit around, so I put the baskets together. This quilt went together really fast and I quilted it by hand. It now sits over the fireplace (yes, fireplace!) in my cubicle in my department at work, below:

This is a detail of one of the baskets.

Detail of border.

There is something about reproduction quilts that moves me whenever I see one. Once I fell in love with the fabrics, I started collecting them in small amounts. I also have a nice selection of patterns, but have yet to use any of them, because some other quilt always needs to be made first.

Right now I am in the middle of making Laura's and Jeff's wedding quilt. I would post pictures in progress, but now that my little blog is out there in the world (thanks Kim!), that would just be giving the surprise away.


mamalife said...

Beautiful quilt. And. A FIREPLACE. At WORK. I just cannot get over that - I want your office!!!

KTP said...

As Kyle would say, "Good JOB, Gramma!"

Nice post. I am so excited that you have started! Now I have to start posting photos of my quilts and you can comment on them.

Have you emailed your link to all of your quilty friends?

Barb said...

Certain "quilty friends" don't do blogs, remember? I have enough trouble getting them to check in on the kids' great pics and videos. We need to talk about your quilts.

And thank you mamalife! The fireplace is a non-working one with a grate (and bookcase) in front of it. Yes, the work environment is quite beautiful.